Attention: Ladies who’ve dabbled in a few detoxes but have been unsuccessful in fixing your health…

Discover How You Can Tame Your Bloating, Increase Your Energy, Have Glowing Skin and Get Rid of Tiring Headaches In Just 21 Days 

Without Restriction, Popping Pills Or Feeling Deprived Again. 

If you are anything like me then you’ve likely:

• Had such bad bloating people thought you were pregnant (um, no it’s just a food baby) 

• Felt exhausted all day long no matter how early you go to bed or how much sugar you've eaten

• Struggled with adult acne, random zits and blotchy skin despite trying all of the “magic” expensive creams 

• Had to call in sick to work or even worse, miss irreplaceable time with loved ones because of tiring, recurring headaches 

• Tried to eat healthier, had a good couple of weeks and then hit a roadblock causing you to fall off the bandwagon… you’ve never been able to jump back on 

Hey there beautiful, since you are still reading, I can only assume that some of what I mentioned above really hit home. And if that’s true then I know a couple more things about you… 

You are an intelligent woman. You’ve dabbled to improve your health but never had the motivation to commit 100%. Yet, you so badly want to feel better. 

You are overwhelmed and confused by all of the different diet choices. You’ve tried a couple different things, which didn’t work, so now you're jaded. You are hesitant to try anything else for fear that it won’t work and you’ll be left feeling disappointed again. 

Plus, the level of tiredness you experience doesn’t leave you with enough energy to do all of the things you know you need to do. 

Basically, you feel like crap most of the time. 

If you are nodding your head saying YES, please know that you aren’t alone. 

While I’m not a medical doctor, I can tell you that you are suffering from The BLAHs of Life: Bloating, Low energy, Acne, and Headaches. 

And it is incredibly frustrating

Bloating messes with your head. 

Why am I bloated all the time? Do other women bloat this much? If they do, why don’t I see their bloating? Maybe it is just something I ate or the feeling of food in my stomach? I try to eat better and go to the gym sometimes, but I still look pregnant! 

It’s madness up there in your mind… and it’s affecting your body image and confidence. Don’t even get me started on the physical discomfort. That meal doesn’t seem quite worth it anymore when you can’t even button up your pants, thank goodness yoga pants are acceptable to wear in public and patterned leggings are in style. 

When you get up in the morning, you already feel tired. And then you are pissed off that your day hasn’t even started and you’re already tired. Sad but true… coffee and sugar are the only way to get through your day. 

I remember a time where I felt too young to feel this tired. 

I felt like I was going to be tired for the rest of my life… I couldn’t get anything done and that was depressing. I had no energy to exercise and almost everything felt like a chore. It felt like the life was being sucked out of me… and I hated it. 

I didn’t know I was suffering from The BLAHs… 

I had no energy. 

I had acne. 

I had headaches. 

I was bloated.

The worst part is that no one (not even my Doctor) told me that all of my symptoms where related. No one explained to me why I would be so exhausted but lie awake at night starring at the ceiling unable to get to sleep. 

Or why, as a grown woman I still had zits all over my face. As if the bloating wasn’t bad enough, I also had freak’n acne. 

Or why I couldn’t even go an entire week without a headache. And not just a light headache that popping a Tylenol would take away… these were bitch-inducing headaches… the kind where you snap and yell because you literally can’t control yourself. 

Why? Why? Why do I feel like crap all the time? 

After trying a variety of diets and getting no relief I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided to start listening to my body and to learn about food, hormones and women’s health. 

Want to know what I’ve learned over the last couple of years? 

Willpower won’t help you. 

A strict diet doesn’t work. 

Hard core exercise makes things worse. 

No single supplement or pharmaceutical medicine will help. My friends, family or doctor didn’t have any helpful recommendations. 

I discovered how to nourish my body all on my own. Then I made it my life mission to make sure that YOU had access to the exact system I used to transform The BLAHs into a ton of energy so that you fully live and enjoy life, have a flattened tummy that is entirely debloated and get glowing skin.

coconut summer berries

Introducing the Reset to Real Food Summer Detox: 

An innovative 21-Day online detox program that works with your body’s own intuition, hormones, food preferences and lifestyle to transform the way you think about food and re-establish your relationship to food. 

Program Starts: Monday June 19, 2017

No longer do you need to view health food as bland and yucky. In fact, it is time for you to wipe those two words from your food vocabulary for good. This seasonal meal plan will easily have you doing that, all while upping your nutrient intake. 

Here’s the awesomeness that’s going to happen during the Reset to Real Food Summer Detox:

  • You will stop feeling hungry all the time and stop craving salty and/or sweet foods.
  • You can choose the way you detox… go all in or cherry pick the changes you make so you don’t feel deprived or restricted and end up falling off the wagon before the 21 days are up.
  • Inspire your girlfriends to make big changes in their lives too by grabbing the bull by the horns and living by example yourself. 
  • Stop eating headache inducing, bloat causing and energy zapping ingredients that keep you feeling miserable, ashamed and so effing tired. 
  • But that doesn’t mean sweets and enjoyment are off the table. I have included recipes with real food that also don’t leave you feeling deprived. 
  • Discover which foods are in season and how to incorporate them into your day-to-day meals so that you can get greater results than you ever have before. 

Before I go any further, let me properly introduce myself… 

Hi! I’m Jessica Stopard and even though I am a holistic nuritionist now, my life wasn’t always homemade almond milk and dark, leafy greens. 

It also wasn’t free from the BLAHs. 

I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade. I wish I could say that my early experience in a health food store was enough for me to never pick up processed foods again, but I was not ready for that yet. (Let me guess, you’re familiar with this “not ready for healthy food yet” feeling too?) 

Once at university, I ate crap way too often and developed a mean sweet tooth. There was no time to prepare meals because I had hours and hours of challenging studying to complete. I was in denial about my level of stress and I developed debilitating migraines that begged to differ. 

Because of the pain, I missed nights out with friends and could barely function with my work and life in general. After four years of processed food living, headaches and bloating ruled my life and embarrassing acne struck me as an adult for the first time. This crappy food, while seemingly delicious, was proving to be incredibly not worth the health consequences. 

What I didn’t know then was how easy it would be to add those foods into my diet or that it was possible to live a life free from the BLAHs that felt amazing (mostly from adding those foods in). 

Is the Reset to Real Food program for me?

Reset to Real Food is not about deprivation or starvation. It is NOT a diet and no counting of anything is required. It is about HOW to add real, whole foods into your diet, maybe for the first time or maybe to get you back on track. 

This program is for you if you want to: 

  • Learn how to eat, still have a social life and not end up bloated at the end of the night 
  • Get rid of the headaches that have plagued you for years 
  • Choose the right foods so that you have energy all day long without having to rely on coffee and other “pick me up foods”
  • Reduce your BLAHs and eat healthier but want all the guesswork figured out and confusion removed. 
  • You want nutrition simplified and the food has to be yummy so that you don’t feel like you are missing out on fun, comfort foods. 

At the end of these 21 days: 

  • You will feel confident enough to buy a new top that is not a flowy piece designed to hide your bloating because it no longer exists. 
  • Your energy levels will have increased to the point where you have enough energy to do the things you want to do on top of the things you have to do. 
  • You will not feel like a crazy woman who needs caffeine and sugar to fuel through the day. 
  • You are happy to use as much or as little foundation makeup as you want because you no longer need an inch of it to cover up your acne. 
  • You can go out and do exactly what you want because your headaches have subsided and no longer dictate your social life. 
  • You will know exactly how to put together a healthy meal and it doesn’t stress you out anymore because you have been guided for 21 days on how to do so.

You can do this!

Commit to a healthier life that allows positive energy and good things to come your way. When you feel good, positive energy follows and amazing things happen to you. This time next week you can reflect on today and pat yourself on the back for being proactive about your health. You won’t bore your taste buds and you won’t feel like you’re on a diet - because you’re not. 

Through my own journey to eat more real foods and become a holistic nutritionist, I have figured out the exact way to eliminate my symptoms. I have poured what I have learned into the creation of this program so that you can start feeling better in just 21 days instead of years. 

summer fresh

Here's what's included:

  • Seasonal Edition 21 Day Meal Plan

Leave the planning to me so you that you can stop stressing about how to put together a healthy meal and wasting time being confused about what you should make. It also includes grocery lists so that you know exactly what you need to buy and how much. No need to go to the store more than 3 times during the entire program!

  • Seasonal Edition Eating Guide 

Discover which foods are in season and how to incorporate them into your day-to-day meals so that you can get more nutrients than you ever have before. AKA healthy eating at its best. 

  • Recipe Book with 55+ Easy to Make Recipes 

Quick and easy recipes that are full of nutrients, but most definitely yummy so that they satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. 

  • Tips To Make Your Reset Easier Guide 

An invaluable resource that offers you key ways to make the next 21 days smooth as a smoothie so that the only possible outcome is success.

  • Getting Started Guide 

This Reset is all about YOU and getting yourself into (or back into) healthy eating. This guide offers you info on what the program will do for you, why I’ve eliminated the gluten, dairy and refined sugar, shopping lists and more. I want you to start the program empowered to put your best foot forward from day one. 

  • Weekly Educational Handout 

Everything listed above is delivered to you at the start of the program, but that’s not all you will get from me. I have more nutritional info bursting at my seams and I want to share it with you throughout the program so we can become real food besties. 

  • Accountability, Motivation and Support 

Access to my private Facebook group where you can ask me ANY of your health and nutrition questions 24/7. Share your struggles and your wins with amazing like-minded women. 

Check out this sample one-day menu for a sneak peek of Reset to Real Food


Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie 


Kale and Peach Salad


Garden-Fresh Tomato Basil Pasta


No-Bake Sunflower Cookies

You have the power to follow the program’s simple and yummy meals plans. The done-for-you meal plan and recipe book are empowering, easy to follow and help you correct unhealthy eating habits. 

This meal plan is free of gluten, dairy, and refined sugars. Eliminating these empowers you with knowledge about your own body and the ability to restore your health. These three foods are in everything and they are challenging for your body to process. They are inflammatory, energy zapping and have you either running to the washroom or wishing you were. 

Reset to Real Food includes many vegetarian and vegan recipes. The meal plan can easily be switched up to be fully vegetarian or vegan. It encourages real, whole foods not labels or rules. 

The program also delivers educational handouts. You will not have to question “why” I am suggesting certain foods or techniques. I provide complimentary information so you not only follow this program, but you understand it. 

To make sure you truly feel supported and guided every step of the way, you’ll get lifetime access to my Private Facebook Group, which comes with 24/7 support from yours truly and a vibrant community of women just like you. 

I know this program works, but check out these love notes:

Before working with Jessica, I struggled with thinking that change needed to be all or nothing. Afterwards, I gained a sense of community, something to look forward to everyday and regular bowel movements. I would definitely recommend this to a friend because of the valuable information and the support that Jessica provides. 


Jessica has first and foremost, reignited a passion for whole foods as one of the most vibrant and uplifting aspects of a healthy and happy lifestyle. Her excitement for local foods is downright contagious. She is extremely patient and informative. She speaks with her clients in such a way that we feel safe to ask and share our most vulnerable conflicts, and is an encyclopedia of detailed and open-minded solutions. On a personal level, Jessica has helped me establish a more self-affirmative definition of balance, healthy outlets to relieve my anxiety, and an appreciation for my mental health as the foundation in any nutritional journey.


I'm grateful for Jessica! I feel fantastic. I'm so happy to be back on track with my health and wellbeing. I haven't felt this good in years (at least 7). I've tried all sorts of ‘plans’ that were always too extreme and restrictive. I was starting to become complacent with my discomforts. It's unbelievable how quickly I was able to change my mindset. Thanks Jess!!! 


My favourite thing about Reset to Real Food was having the grocery list and the meal plans. That way, I could shop confidently because I knew that everything I was buying was going to be used in a tasty, healthy dish. It took the guesswork out of cooking and the feeling of "I bought this zucchini because it's local and on sale, but I have no idea what to make with it." Also, I didn't even think low energy was a symptom I had until I did this meal plan. I guess I had been living with it for so long. I feel so much more awake and sharp!


Before the Reset to Real Food, I struggled with lack of energy and clear mindedness, bloating and overweight feelings as well as pain in joints, especially when waking in the mornings. Your program worked for me because it was supportive but not too much pressure. Very flexible info and recipes and plan, so it made me feel confident in my ability to do it, and made it a pleasure to follow. I felt like I had the framework set out for me but that I made the choices so it was empowering. Even if someone isn't ready to follow the program, the recipes alone are such a benefit to those looking to eat whole-foods based.


Not only is Jessica an incredible soul, she truly cares about the people she works with. She is there for you every step of the way to cheer you on the journey. Every time I speak to her, you can see and hear how passionate she is about her nutrition and helping women. If you are thinking you want to make the change, and tell yourself “I will later” chances are you won’t. You haven’t because you NEED someone to assist you along the process… someone like Jessica. 


Click below to say YES to yourself.


100% Money Back Guarantee!

I'm ready to prove everything I claim. Download The Program right now, and see it for yourself within the next 14 DAYS. If the product does not live up to any of the claims stated here. I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. All I need is a food jounal documenting everything you ate and any symptoms or symptom changes you experienced.

100% money back guaranteed.

Get Reset to Real Food for only $97

Add Two VIP Coaching Calls $297 

I look forward to personally supporting you along your way to improved energy, brighter skin and reduced bloating over the next 21 days!

Much love,

Jessica Stopard

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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