Jessica Stopard Holistic Nutritionist

Were you told that gluten and dairy were the root cause of your symptoms…  

But once you eliminated them you STILL had bloating, gas, poor energy, acne, headaches and belly fat?  

Here’s what no one has told you: Your symptoms are caused by undiscovered food sensitivities and it’s time to uncover them.

Discover The 3-Phase Elimination Diet That Any ‘Busy’ Woman Can Successfully Complete In Just 30 Days.  

Best Part? It Works Even If You Are Strapped For Cash, Don’t Enjoy Cooking And Have To Feed Your Family Too.

Here’s a fascinating food sensitivity fact: Did you know that every woman with physical or mental symptoms has food sensitivities? Unfortunately you haven’t been taught to connect the dots between the foods you eat and the symptoms you have, especially when the symptoms aren’t traditionally digestive related. These food sensitivities are hidden… You don’t even realize you have them, yet when you eat these foods, an inflammatory response is triggered in your digestive tract and you experience anything and everything from bloating to skin problems to anxiety. As you continue to eat the foods that unbeknownst to you trigger a reaction, you accumulate stubborn symptoms that drag you down. 

And did you also know…

Eating ‘Healthy’ Foods That Commonly Trigger A Reaction Is THE SUREST WAY To Stay Feeling CRAPPY!

You see, eating the ‘wrong’ foods for your body chemistry can actually have the reverse effect on your body that makes you feel crappier instead of happier. Can you believe it? The HEALTHIER you eat, the CRAPPIER you could feel. And it gets worse… The longer you unknowingly eat these foods, the worse your digestion gets, leaving you with less and less foods that you can eat without feeling puffy, achy and tired. Sound familiar? 

This is called intestinal permeability or leaky gut. And the harsh truth is: 

When It Comes To Figuring Out Why You Feel Crappy? Doctors Have Got It All WRONG!  

In order to finally (and forever) figure out why you feel crappy: 

  • You don’t need to buy another expensive cleanse kit from the health food store to ‘clean yourself out’
  • You don’t need to waste time by bouncing around different diets to discover what works for your body
  • You don’t need to deprive or starve yourself
  • And you certainly don’t need to count calories, macros or points  

As you read every word on this page, you’ll discover the gold standard way that’s helping hundreds of women at any age feel better – once and for all!

Discover The EXACT Process That Reveals The Specific Foods That Don’t Work For Your Body Chemistry…  

Then you’ll finally uncover the energetic, happy woman lying underneath that layer of stubborn and painful symptoms.  

The key is methodically building a long-term diet that works WITH your body chemistry. Unlike so many other diets or protocols, the elimination diet works in harmony with your body. 

That’s why what you’re about to discover is the GOLD STANDARD to finally feeling better even if:  

  • You don’t feel you have any problems with certain foods
  • You’ve already tried eliminating gluten and/or dairy but you weren’t fully happy with the results
  • You’ve read about the elimination diet before
  • You’ve had blood tests done by your naturopath or functional medicine doctor that list which foods you should avoid
  • And even if everything you’ve tried up ‘til now has failed miserably  


The truth is, if you can spare a few minutes in the kitchen and save some money from dining out you can get rid of symptoms that have plagued you for years.  

You don’t even need fancy cooking skills!  

Fair warning: You just can’t find this tasty of an elimination diet meal plan anywhere else. Only right here, right now on this webpage.  

Can you imagine waking up in the morning bursting with fresh, new energy ready to take on whatever the day gives you? Imagine how youthful and radiant this would make you feel.  

As you get dressed and look in the mirror you grin knowingly to yourself because you are finally free of the confusion around why you felt crappy and now you feel HAPPY with what you see. Not just because you’ve lost the inflammatory weight, but you FEEL better in your clothes without that tight waistband on your bloated belly.  

Sound good?

Before we get to that, it’s important to understand WHY so many women never achieve the health they are seeking. In short? You’ve never been properly educated about food sensitivities so you think they don’t apply to you. 

How Do You Know If You Even Have Food Sensitivities?

Do you experience one or more of the following physical symptoms? Bloating, gas, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, headaches, migraines, fatigue, sinus problems, yeast infections, joint pain, foggy head  

Do you experience one or more of the following mental symptoms? Anxiety, irritability, depression, bitterness, sadness, anger  

Do you experience pain from something not listed above?  

Then you have food sensitivities. This may come as a shock or even be hard to believe. How does that rash on my hand have anything to do with what I eat? My hand is not my stomach.  

In actuality that rash and any other physical or mental symptom you experience has EVERYTHING to do with your digestive system. But we were never taught this crucial piece of information.  

To make matters more confusing, most of your food sensitivities are hidden, meaning that you don’t even realize that you have them. In actuality, certain foods trigger an inflammatory response in your digestive system that may translate to you as any number of physical and/or mental symptoms.

Truth Bomb: Certain ‘Healthy’ Foods Are THE REASON You Still Feel Like A Bloated & Puffy Zombie

What’s worse? These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ‘healthy’ foods that may not currently work for your body chemistry. Even if it is not clear to you that a specific food triggers a reaction or symptom, if you constantly feel tired, bloated or in pain, these foods form a mutiny AGAINST you rather than fighting FOR you.  

These foods are thwarting your freedom from pain and fatigue.  

See, it’s not really your fault, you just haven’t been taught this (most women haven’t).  

What you need instead is a specific, strategic process to build yourself a custom diet that no longer triggers inflammation or pain in your body.  

Can Be Done Even If You Are Strapped For Cash…  

Remember, you don’t NEED fancy (and expensive) superfood powders or cleanse kits to get the results you are looking for. 

They are nice and all but unless you follow this GOLD STANDARD process, you will never find the level of relief you desire.  

If you’re anything like most women over 30 you simply DO NOT want to spend your entire paycheck on food. You want to spend it on life.  

Not only that: you will have the ENERGY to live life that way that you want.  

The key is methodically building a long-term diet that works WITH your body chemistry. Unlike so many other diets or protocols, the Elimination Diet works in harmony with your body. Guaranteed to work for you EVEN IF everything you’ve tried up ‘til now has failed.  

Results In Just 30 Simple Days With results that you can not only SEE but FEEL, that ‘lack of motivation’ becomes less relevant in your life.  

You won’t be able to help but smile when you pull on that pair of jeans that used to taunt you from the back of the closet.  

Remember: this process is about so much more than losing weight (although I know that’s what you secretly want) but it’s about feeling better in your body – physically and emotionally so that you can finally live your life again.  

Just imagine how many hours of free time you’ll gain when you’re no longer tired. 

No Matter How Long You’ve Had Your Symptoms… All Women Of Any Age Can Feel Better, Finally! 

  • Lack of time isn’t an issue
  • Your budget isn’t an issue
  • Age isn’t an issue

It’s not even an issue if NOTHING has worked before. 

  • You DON’T need a ton of time
  • You DON’T need to spend a ton of money
  • You DON’T need to spend hours every day in the kitchen
  • You DON’T need fancy cooking skills
  • You DON’T need to starve yourself or count anything

Why The Elimination Diet Is The Last Program You’ll Ever Need To Follow

The elimination diet is the solution for any woman with any symptom whether you have had blood tests done or not. In fact, the elimination diet is known as the “Gold Standard” in uncovering hidden food sensitivities. Not only does the Elimination Diet uncover your hidden food sensitivities, it restores your (unknowingly) inflamed digestive tract reducing the potential or reversing the progress of disease. This allows you to reach lasting health and true symptom freedom. It may be confusing why you need to eliminate seemingly healthy foods such as lemons and tomatoes, but it is not because these foods are unhealthy, it’s because your body no longer recognizes them as food. With a constant bombardment of inflammation and stress, the cells in your digestive tract eventually loosen, leading to intestinal permeability or leaky gut. In this case, food is released into the bloodstream before it is fully digested. This doesn’t mean large chunks of food enter the bloodstream, but food particles that are larger on a molecular level do and molecularly speaking these particles are bigger than they should be. This is a good reminder that your body works on a molecular level. This is important to remember when we tell ourselves I don’t even eat that much gluten or I only have a bit of cream in my coffee. We cannot decide in our minds on an amount of food that is too much or too little because our bodies work on a molecular level. The elimination diet is a 3-Phase process that helps you finally uncover those hidden food sensitivities that you didn’t even know you had but are causing you all of your pain. Does the elimination diet require patience? Heck yes! But it is also 100% accurate and personalized. As a bonus, you begin to learn how to listen to what your body has been trying to tell you for years, which is a gift that will support you for years to come. Listen, the elimination diet is not for you if you aren’t ready to make a commitment to yourself and your health. But it is for you if you are at your wit’s end and ready to get rid of symptoms that have plagued you for years. Food intolerances do not have to be permanent and the elimination diet is designed to reduce or reverse your symptoms so that over time you may add more and more foods back into your life.  

The Elimination Diet Helps You:

  • Cut out processed foods
  • Remove triggering ‘healthy’ foods
  • Calm inflammation
  • Uncover hidden food sensitivities that keep you feeling crappy
  • Build a custom long-term diet that boosts your energy
  • Reverse underlying digestive problems
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your body so that you can hear what she is trying to tell you
  • Increase mindfulness
  • Improve your immune system

And it’s important you stick with the program because…

You’ll Be AMAZED What Happens AFTER You Finish Phase 2…

That’s the time the REAL symptom-reversal magic happens. Once you’ve completed Phase 2, you’ve not only eliminated triggering foods but you’ve restored gut function to a point that your symptoms DISAPPEAR. And once you begin Phase 3, you finally find the answers you’ve been searching for so long. There is nothing more empowering than this and no other process that delivers so much clarity. Without following this 3-Phase Process? You face frustration year after year as the symptoms increase in number and become more stubborn. And remember… 

  • It’s not going to happen if you could only eat healthier
  • It’s not because you don’t want it BAD enough
  • It’s not because you lack willpower

The reason is simple: you haven’t found a SPECIFIC diet that is built just for YOU.

The PROVEN 3-Phase Process To Figuring Out Why You Feel Crappy So You Can Finally Feel Better…


Detox: remove inflammatory triggering foods, flood the body with phytonutrient rich foods and strengthen the digestive system


Eliminate: restore digestive function


Reintroduce: uncover hidden food sensitivities and build a diet custom to your specific body chemistry

You see, the BIG problem with most popular diets and cleanses is they ONLY concentrate on Phase 2 and it’s not always designed to restore digestive function. They focus only on the foods you should ELIMINATE and not the foods to INCLUDE. They don’t take into account your specific body chemistry. They leave you feeling a bit better but without the crucial information that will empower you as you continue on your health journey: what to eat long-term. 

How The Heck Do *I* Know So Much About Figuring Out Why You Feel Crappy?

My name is Jessica Stopard - holistic nutritionist, hemp heart lover and smoothie cheerleader. But this wasn’t always the case...  

I spent many years feeling vaguely unwell - this meant that while I did not have a diagnosed disease or specific problem, I did not feel good either. I was bloated, tired, acne-ridden and headache-prone.  

I’ve spent the last 6 years uncovering what it REALLY takes to stop feeling vaguely unwell and finally feel better.  

I’ve tried too many cleanses, diets and protocols to name here. Some of them helped more than others but it was never clear which foods helped me or harmed me.  

Without clear answers, I slipped back into old eating habits. My habits didn’t include processed foods but I also wasn’t eating very many vegetables and my sugar habit escalated to daily indulgences.  

What… the chocolate-bar-a-day diet isn’t a thing?  

One year, an extended period of a diet rich in sugar and carbs after the holidays led to an increase of daily headaches, which then led me to reach a new low: a solid 3-day headache. This is not a fun place to be. It prevents you from living your life and leaves you very irritable (ie. it becomes challenging to be a nice person).  

I knew I couldn’t go on like this. I was ready for change and I was ready to stop the endless search for the protocol that would work.  

I had discovered the elimination diet during my nutrition studies but it took me getting to my headache rock-bottom to realize I should give it a try and dive in for myself.  

My elimination diet experience was the most enlightening and healing that I have been on to date. I discovered the foods that triggered my symptoms, which felt like finding buried treasure, while also restoring my digestive system. Never have I unearthed such rewarding answers during my healing journey as building a custom diet. 

The elimination diet is THE solution and I’ve personally helped women through this exact process reach success when everything else they tried before did not work. The key is to uncover your food sensitivities while also restoring your digestive health. Do that and you REALLY CAN have the flat tummy and energy you desire. Honestly, when I realized this wasn’t common knowledge? I knew I had to do something about it. I knew women like you deserved to know this process. Because I’ve discovered in my work in the wellness industry as a holistic nutritionist, the vast majority of women think the SECRET lies in the next diet or style of eating. And that’s just NOT TRUE! I’ve worked with women in their 30s, 40s and 50s and I’ve seen it happen… I’ve watched their symptoms disappear right before their eyes. It’s beautiful to see their reaction! Getting back to the life and body you thought was gone for good generates so much happiness, confidence and self-esteem. It’s your turn. 


The 30-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan Program  

That Helps You Finally Feel Better WITHOUT Fancy Superfoods, Endless Hours In The Kitchen Or Starving Yourself Silly

Now that you understand that the elimination diet is exactly what you need, why would you need this program? The elimination diet process is a bit overwhelming, tedious and potentially quite long. But it is also empowering, energizing and the last “program” you’ll ever need. It may not be easy but it can be simple. This meal plan helps simplify the elimination diet for you while also ensuring you aren’t stuck eating bland diet food. Being armed with the knowledge that the elimination diet is the solution is not enough. You need recipes and structure to ensure you don’t fall of track. It is incredibly important to follow the elimination diet to a T, not because it’s “bad” if you “cheat” but it will mess up your results, which slows down your healing. I don’t want that for you! I want you to finally feel better as fast you possibly can while sticking to the elimination diet. The effort may be great but the gift of a symptom-free, enlightened life is invaluable. The elimination diet is hard enough on its own, let me make it easier on you so that you can focus your energy on how you feel in your body rather than stressing about what to make for dinner. I’m so excited to be sharing these delicious recipes with women like you! 

Guaranteed, The 30-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan Program Will Work For You EVEN IF You…

Don’t have problems with certain foods. If you’re reading this page then something is bothering you. It’s likely your lack of energy or stubborn weight that won’t budge. It can be hard to tie your symptoms to food when you experience symptoms steadily rather than having a reaction right after eating a certain food. Did you know that something you eat today could have an effect on your body for up to 72 hours? If you only eat a little bit of certain foods that aren’t the greatest for you and you feel kinda crappy all the time, food is the trigger. It can also be hard to connect your symptoms to food if they aren’t traditionally digestive-related symptoms such as gas, bloating and constipation. If you experience anxiety, headaches, eczema, joint pain, sinus problems or adult acne you may not think you have digestive problems but you can reduce or eliminate these symptoms by changing the foods you eat and uncovering your specific food sensitivities. We often think of food intolerances or sensitivities only as anaphylactic reactions to foods like peanuts or shellfish and while these are severe allergic reactions, they are not the only way to react negatively to food. But you are doing yourself a disservice if you ignore the elimination diet just because you don’t carry an EpiPen. Food sensitivities are milder, trickier and cumulative. This makes it hard to uncover them and if left hidden, will worsen with time possibly to the point of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s or cancer. As a society, we have begun to roll our eyes at going gluten-free because some women who avoid it are viewed as jumping on a trend bandwagon. Unfortunately this makes it less likely for other women to consider cutting out gluten to see if it has a negative effect on their bodies. Do I believe every woman should be gluten free? No. But I do believe every woman should try eliminating it temporarily to observe if it is a main culprit behind her symptoms. Have already tried eliminating gluten and/or dairy. Look, I know you are one smart gal and you’ve likely already tried cutting out gluten and/or dairy to improve your health. While you may have felt a bit better, you didn’t feel as great as you were hoping you would and your symptoms didn’t completely go away. Because of this you might be wondering if an elimination diet is for you. But if you’ve already experienced a connection between those foods and how you feel you are even more likely to be successful on an elimination diet. You’ve already uncovered some key contributors but there are more foods stoking your inflammatory fire and I would love to help you uncover them. Have had blood tests done by your naturopath or functional medicine doctor to determine food sensitivities. If you have already had blood tests done by a naturopath or functional medicine doctor to determine food sensitivities that only confirms to me how much you care about your health! Now all you have to do is stop eating the foods on your list and you’ll feel better. If only it were that easy. First, those lists can be long and overwhelming. Maybe you don’t know where or how to start tackling your diet so you haven’t done anything yet. Or maybe you have tried eliminating the foods on your specific list and found it hard to stay on track and while your symptoms have improved, you still feel crappy and tired. Having a list may feel like a shortcut. You may be thinking removing so many foods is hard enough, I don’t want it to take forever too! I feel ya. But a shortcut solution will likely bring you right back to the state you are in now - feeling like a miserable zombie. Unfortunately these tests commonly report both false negatives and false positives. This list only focuses on those foods that you should remove, missing the mark on one key factor in regaining health - the foods to be added to restore your digestive system. The elimination diet does. 

You Simply Cannot Find These Elimination Diet-Friendly Recipes Anywhere Else. Only Right Here, Right Now On This Page… 

After years of suffering and then finding relief after following the elimination diet myself, I know a thing or two. My mission in life is to help you through this process so that you can finally feel better.  

I’ve crafted and perfected these recipes to be simple, delicious and elimination diet-friendly for women just like you.  

Trying to figure out what’s WRONG for your body chemistry in an unstructured, unmethodical way without this program could take years and you may never find the answers.  

I don’t want you suck feeling as crappy as you feel now forever.  

I believe this is THE WAY to flatten your tummy, clear your skin, get your energy back and reverse ANY symptom you experience.  

And always remember… I GET YOU and I’m with you every step of the way. We’re busy women with families and careers, you and I, and that why I’ve designed this program to be the simplest, quickest and most delicious way to feeling better that I’ve ever seen.

WARNING: The Elimination Diet Is NOT For Everyone

I want to be completely honest with you. If you are looking for a quick fix or you aren’t ready to put in the work to achieve the health that you want… This is NOT the program for you. There’s no getting around it, you must follow the program exactly to achieve the results I’ve outlined on this page. But the results are lifelong and if you’re ready (and I think you are or you would not have even read this far) then the 30-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan Program is THE ONE THING that could make all the difference for you. While this program is restrictive, it is NOT about deprivation or starvation and no counting of anything is required. It is about HOW to uncover hidden food sensitivities and restore the gut so that you can feel marvellous once and for all. 

This Program IS For You If You:

  • Have heard about food sensitivities and think you might have one (or some)
  • Have already tried to remove dairy and/or gluten; feel a bit better but not still not great
  • Have tried prescription meds to get rid of your acne, headaches and bloating/gas/heartburn problem without success
  • Feel puffy and inflamed no matter what you eat
  • Can’t lose weight even with calorie restriction and exercise
  • Are done feeling like crap every single day
  • Are ready to understand how your gut and digestive system dictate how you feel
  • Want to know with certainty which foods to enjoy and which to avoid so you can live your life without those annoying symptoms
  • Want a step-by-step plan to follow that will guide you through how to do an elimination diet so you can finally feel really good all day long 

100% Iron Clad ‘30-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan Program’ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 

Look. If you’re on the fence about giving the 30-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan Program a try let me say this to you:  

You don’t have to decide right now.  

With my 100% Money Back Guarantee you can put this system to work for you…  

…and THEN decide. 

  • If you’re not amazed that your symptoms have stopped progressing and even begun to reverse after years of suffering…
  • If you’re not happy with a flatter tummy, clearer skin and increased energy…  

…then you don’t pay me a penny.  

Just shoot me a message, I’ll refund every penny of your investment and we’ll part as friends. All you need to do is show me pictures of your food journal and meals from each day. No hassles and we can part as friends.  

That’s how sure I am that the 30-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan Program will work for you – no matter how old you, unhealthy or stubborn your symptoms are.

Now is YOUR Time! Don’t You Deserve To Know Why You Feel Crappy So That You Can Fully Live Your Life Again? Of Course You Do!

If you’re anything like most of my clients, you’ve spent a LOT of time concerned about other people.  

Your partner, kids and even your boss gets more of your attention than YOU do.  

Don’t you think it’s time to look after your health – body and mind?  

This program is about so much more than losing weight (although I know that’s what you secretly want) but it’s about feeling better in your body – physically and emotionally so that you can finally live your life again. 

And the alternative is not worth thinking about:

  • A bloated belly that expands a little more each year
  • Fading energy that only gets worse as you age
  • The increased risk of chronic disease – Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes

This is NOT what I want for you! So do it for yourself. Take this opportunity to make the change and look forward to the next few decades of feeling GREAT. This is YOUR time. Click the button below and let’s get you started today. 

Here's what's included:

  • 30 Day Meal Plan

Leave the planning to me so you that you can stop stressing about how to put together an elimination diet protocol. 

  • 40 Easy to Make Recipes 

Stop spending time being confused about or researching for elimination diet-friendly meals. Quick and easy recipes that are full of nutrients, but most definitely yummy so that they satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. 

  • Elimination Diet Protocol  

Let me walk you step-by-step through the elimination diet to eradicate the chance of mistakes that lead to wasted time and effort.

  • Pantry List 

This list will help you hit the ground running and ensure you're never out of real food, elimination diet staples.

  • Weekly Grocery Lists  

Know exactly what you need to buy and how much. No need to go to the grocery store more than once per week!

  • Elimination Diet Essential Guide  

Includes how to get clear results, test beyond the reintroduction phase, beat cravings and find joy beyond food.

All of this will be delivered straight to your inbox shortly after you purchase!

I know this program works, but check out these love notes:

I struggled with severe stomach spasms and pain that didn’t seem to be for any specific food or stressors. I was always tired with joint pain, swelling of my extremities and bloating and not sleeping well at all. Also weight gain.  

The 30-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan Program has helped me to see what foods actually related to the symptoms I had and reduced my inflammation, swelling and bloating to give my digestive system a break.  

Most of us are unaware of the unhealthy lifestyles we are living, especially with eating. We are all soooo busy and tired and feeling unwell that we just go day to day accepting that this is our life and that we will eat anything that’s easy and fast. But we are not relating that this lifestyle and these foods are causing all our issues in the first place.  

 Give the program a chance to work and you will reap the benefits. I would guess you have probably tried everything else and it didn’t work so try this.  


After the 30-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan Program my chronic cough was reduced. I didn’t think so at the time, but others told me it was. With Christmas approaching I decided to take a break, enjoy the festive foods, and it didn’t take long for the intensity of my cough to return. I then realized how much it had actually decreased by eating the foods on the elimination diet.  

I have lots more energy. I’d be dancing in the kitchen while making my morning smoothies & lunches. I have gained a positive attitude, clearer thinking & weight loss.  

I would recommend this program because it works. You don’t go feeling hungry, there is no calorie counting or portion control and you still lose weight. There is lots of healthy food to eat from a good variety of recipes with the grocery lists of what you need to buy to make them and it’s easy to follow.  

Jessica is an awesome coach, always focusing on the positive steps you’ve taken, which encourages you to continue with the plan.  

- Erica  

Eliminating foods helped me better understand my gut and what it could and couldn’t handle. It’s still a process and I am sure that it will be for the rest of my life. At least now I know which foods are culprits and avoid them as much as possible. Finding out what foods made my body angry was totally worth it! It’s hard, it’s not fun but it’s totally worth it in the end.  


It’s definitely worth the money and the time, investing in your health is always money/time well spent. The program is easy to follow and Jessica' guide offers great support. I feel the elimination program is a very useful tool in achieving optimal health and could be used as a cleanse to get yourself back on track. Thank you so much Jessica for your wealth of information, great programs and the time you put into helping people achieve their health goals!

- Annette 

Imagine For A Moment…

You wake up from a deep, restorative sleep FULL of energy. You look in the mirror and you’re happy with what you see so you decide to go without foundation and you have no need for concealer. You can’t wait to put on your favourite pair of jeans because they can button up with comfort and ease. You’ve committed to yourself. You’ve put in the effort. Now it’s time to reap the rewards. It wasn’t complicated. It wasn’t overwhelming. It didn’t require more willpower. It was just a matter of gaining the knowledge and putting it to work for YOU. And you really DESERVE this. Looking back, you realize the only reason you didn’t have the energetic health you wanted was because you were not taught this information. Because if you were, the diet industry would not continue to control you and profit the billions of dollars it does today. So right now, do the smart thing. Take back control of the way you look and feel each day. Hit the button below and I lovingly look forward to welcoming you on the other side of this page. 

Much love,  

Jessica Stopard  

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

PS: The only reason you haven’t figured out why you feel so crappy is because you haven’t found a diet specifically designed for your body chemistry. This program helps you uncover that long-term diet. PPS: If you continue on eating and living in the same way you are today, your symptoms have no hope of reversing and underlying digestive problems continue to brew and worsen. And that can lead to chronic diseases as you age. Take action now, if not for yourself, then do it for your family and friends. PPPS: REMEMBER there is zero risk right now. Try out the 30-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan Program system for the full 30 days and THEN decide if it’s for you. If you are not impressed with the results, you don’t pay a penny. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to spend hours each day in the kitchen? If you’re turning to the elimination diet, I know you aren’t eating out at every meal or only buying processed food from the grocery store. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you will be preparing essentially all of your food yourself. This is a meal plan after all! But what I can tell you is that you will NOT be spending hours in the kitchen every single day. These recipes are simple and provide leftovers.  

What if I don’t have a big budget for groceries? Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy does not have to be more expensive. It may be when you buy healthier versions of packaged foods but it is actually the same (and usually even lower) price than what you may be used to. All of the food items are recognizable, single food ingredients that you’ll find at your local grocery store.  

What if I’m a vegetarian? While the elimination diet is not suggested to be vegetarian and this meal plan does include animal protein, you can easily swap animal-based proteins for plant-based proteins as detailed in the meal plan. Whether you eat animal protein or not, this program is chock full of plant-based foods.  

What if my family isn’t on board? All of the recipes are incredibly simple and family-friendly. You can’t determine the level of commitment for anyone other than yourself. Your family will enjoy these recipes for main meals but may choose to eat something else without affecting your results.  

What if I want to go out for dinner? Unfortunately going out for dinner during this program is going to be incredibly challenging and won’t get you the results you desire. I suggest dedicating these 30 days entirely to yourself so that you don’t get the outcome you always get.  

Are there any hidden charges? Absolutely not! You pay a one-time fee of $197 and get the program in its entirety. You may be offered optional upgrades after you purchase the program but that’s totally up to you.  

How soon can I get started? Thanks to the magic of the internet you can get started right away! As soon as you fill in your card details on the next page, you’ll be emailed the entire program immediately.  

What if it just doesn’t work for me? In the highly unlikely event that the 30-Day Elimination Diet Meal Plan Program doesn’t deliver you any difference in your tummy or energy, just shoot me an email message for a full, no questions asked refund. All you need to do is show me pictures of your food journal and meals from each day. No hassles and we can part as friends. That’s how sure I am you’re going to be impressed with the results.  

I hope that answers your questions and I can’t wait to see your results. Cheers to the health and happiness you deserve!  

Click below to say YES to yourself.

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