Here’s the truth – the last couple weeks my personal life has gotten waaay too busy and when I have too much going on, it’s so much easier to let my stress levels go through the roof. You feel me?

When this happens in my life, I used to say that I was too busy to eat healthily and my eating habits would go down the toilet. But now I know better. It’s not that I am too busy to choose healthy meals, but rather I’ve simply prioritized things other than putting my time, money and energy into food at the top of my list.

Does this ever happen to you? Check how often you catch yourself saying you are “too busy” or you “have no time” for tasks that support your health and well being such as making your own meals, eating vegetables, drinking water, getting enough sleep or moving your body.

When this happens, remind yourself that you do in fact “have time,” you only need to shift your priorities to keep health at the top of your list.

No, I don’t mean you have to be perfect and never have certain foods or miss some hours of sleep but when your priorities are out of whack for too long, I promise you won’t feel so great.

I know because I’ve been there. And I’ve learned what to do even when life gets stressful.

Here’s how I’ve kept my health a top priority last week even though life was hella busy:

Make comfort dishes veggie-rich

I don’t typically eat pasta and it’s even rarer to eat wheat pasta… not because it is “bad” but I’ve discovered it makes me feel heavy, super tired and sometimes headache-y. Thanks to a gut detox! I don’t really miss pasta because I have found so many new dishes I love buuut whenever I do eat it, I really enjoy this comfort food. It is a treat that is really savoured. (How often do you truly savour your food?)

I up-leveled my pasta by adding chopped zucchini, bell pepper, celery and carrot. If you have a picky eater or are one yourself, chop the veggies very small or grate them to sneak them in.

Batch cook a few meals

By batch cooking, I essentially mean super-size your meal. Batch cooking can also imply making multiple meals in one go. You can certainly do that too but during busy times, it’s unlikely to prioritize that much time for meal prep.

Batch cooking during busy times works best on familiar, easy-to-make meals. To add to that and going off of my last point, it’s also fun for the meals to be comfort style. I super-sized that veggie-rich pasta with tomato sauce – an organic one from Costco because of quality, price and super-size! I also made a large batch of one of my go-to meals: a sheet pan of roasted veggies and chicken drumsticks.

I did this on two separate nights and each meal gave me lots of leftovers. It also meant something was ready for me after a long and draining day – a time when it is easy to turn to takeout. Again, not that takeout is “bad” but in order to keep up with the busy, I need energy and avoiding takeout helps avoid those painful symptoms and fatigue.

Enjoy some treats without the guilt

Like you, my definition of “treat” is always changing and this is a good thing because it means you are evolving along your health journey. I have come to trust that there are seasons in life and when nothing is off limits or I understand my own limits (by discovering what foods trigger what symptoms and what pain I am willing to endure for pleasure), I am confident that I will not live off of cake for the rest of my life – something used to I fear would happen if I let myself eat treats.

Gut healing has made this possible for me and detoxification is an essential foundational step in gut healing. By taking the time to restore my gut health, I can “get away” with eating more foods without headaches. In the past weeks, I have had chocolate, chips and pizza (I am human too) with essentially no headache pain whereas that used to trigger daily intense headaches. I had such amazing results from detoxing my gut that I created the 21-Day Headache Relief Detox so that you have the chance to get to this place too.

I’m sure you’ve created some super tips to make it through the stressful, busy moments in life. Share them in the comments below so we can learn from each other!