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It makes sense that if you have decided to take ownership of your health and make big changes to your food choices that you would also need to make some other big changes in your kitchen. This is not a post about how to choose green kitchen tools and appliances (I’ll cover that some day in the future!) but rather the tools that made my healing journey so incredibly smooth and much more enjoyable.

As I changed my diet, I also changed the tools I used in the kitchen on a daily basis and that includes some of them becoming redundant such as my toaster and microwave. I rarely have toast and I only use the microwave to heat up my Magic Bag – I get cold feet because I’m cool (literally) and have old lady tendencies.

But I also started using the following kitchen tools as much as multiple times per day. Since I am frequently asked which tools to buy and which are worth the money, I thought I would share the most useful ones in my post today.

When you have a lot of specific restrictions, it can be challenging to eat. These guys opened up the doors to a much wider variety of ways to enjoy my food, which is key to sticking to a healing protocol such as an elimination diet. Remember my mantra for healing is power not punishment and these tools are totally empowering. 

High-Powered Blender

This is an easy top-of-the-list tool for me and I am always asked a ton of questions about blenders, especially if they are worth the price. Being at the top of my list you can gather that my answer is a big ol’ 100% YES.

Obviously I love my blender because I have green smoothies every day and obviously you can make smoothies with any blender, so why pay the steep price tag? (You’re looking at a $500 minimum unless purchasing a refurbished model.)

First, they make the smoothest smoothies you will ever taste, which increases the chances of drinking them regularly. Initially, I thought I didn’t like smoothies. Turns out it was because there were too chunky or lumpy and I didn’t know any better.

Second, they make so much more than smoothies! High-powered blenders have the ability to make nut and seed butters or milks, flours, (hot) soups, sauces, batters/dough, ice cream, dips, and dressings. This is super useful because you will find that you can’t buy any of the aforementioned food off the grocery shelves thanks to inflammatory-producing refined oils, grains and sugars. And without the ability to make these (quickly and smoothly), your food is going to be unbelievably bland.

Next question is which blender to buy – Blendtec or Vitamix? It gets even more confusing when you throw in all the various models of each brand. The good news is you cannot go wrong with either brand as they both get the job done, are backed by warranties and are made with superior quality.

In the end, I chose this Blendtec model and years later; I’d still make the same choice. With a small kitchen I really enjoy that the Blendtec is 2.5 inches shorter than the Vitamix. While both blades are stainless steel, the Blendtec blade is not sharp and that is key for us lazy gals who don’t want to spend any extra time carefully washing that thing every morning so as not to cut her hand open.

The Blendtec also comes with pre-programmed settings depending on what you are making. This creates the perfect blend without any guessing required for speed or duration. When I have used a Vitamix, I find it annoying to have to keep watch on the time and difficult to know if my food has been fully blended. With the Blendtec, I literally press a button and walk away.

If you are looking for something a bit more budget-friendly, this Ninja blender isn’t horrible. The Ninja is not comparable in the capabilities of Blendtec or Vitamix but it is a better option than your basic blender. Plus, if it makes the difference between taking some action or none at all, it is definitely worth purchasing.

Food Processor

After hearing about the endless abilities of high-powered blenders, it may seem like you don’t need one other tool in your kitchen… and at first I would have agreed with you. That is until emergency food.

Emergency food is the term I use with my clients when it comes to elimination diet-friendly snacks and treats. These snacks may be an emergency because you’ve become hungry while running errands or you’re at a social gathering where you can’t eat anything or you just need a little somethin’ somethin’ with Netflix after dinner.

The most common emergency food is energy bites or bars. These are often date-based and quite challenging to make in the blender. Been there, done that, it’s not fun. A mix of dates, spices, dried fruit and seeds makes a concoction that can be rolled into bites or pressed and cut into bars.

A food processor is better suited to handle these ingredients. The one I use is by KitchenAid and I like it for its quality blades and sturdy base that is not too heavy. You may purchase any size but I find that if you go too small, you can’t fit the entire recipe in, which leads to spilling and annoyance. An 11-cup food processor is a great size.

Recipes that have thicker ingredients with less liquid don’t move around as easily in the blender so it’s essential to have a food processor. In a blender, the blade tends to spin around and without picking up and properly mix the ingredients. This is helpful for thick batters, bean dips and more alternative recipes.

With the variety of blades that may come with a food processor, such as the KitchenAid that I use, you can become a food prep master. Take some time on the weekend to chop up a bunch of different vegetables or pumpkin and sunflower seeds. This saves a ton of time and arm energy! These foods can be used for hearty bowls, side dishes, salads or slaws.

On top of emergency food, many healing journey desserts (like these black bean brownies) are made much easier in the food processor. A healing journey does not have to be devoid of dessert! It does not have to be synonymous with deprivation. Instead it can (and should) be fun and delicious.


This tool is the cheapest and least crucial of the 3 tools but I still highly recommend purchasing a spiralizer. Grains are either partially or fully off limits in most healing journeys, which may make you feel like one of your old food groups is missing from your life – pasta.

A spiralizer allows you to create noodles from vegetables. Whaat? Yep, you heard me correctly. This is genius and magically allows you to have “pasta” every single day if that’s what you want. Noodles can be made from all kinds of vegetables such as beets, carrots and sweet potatoes and eaten raw or cooked.

The most popular veggie pasta noodles are zoodles – zucchini noodles. Zoodles are very mild in flavour and basically take on the taste of whatever sauce you dress them in. And you’ll have a ton of sauce options thanks to your new blender. One summer I had zoodles nearly every night for dinner but it felt like I was eating a different meal all of the time because my sauces were so different.

A spiralizer is a fun way for us picky-kids-at-heart to sneak more vegetables onto our plate, which is one of the most important and nourishing parts of a healing journey. The amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants found in veggies is key to restoring your digestive health.

Veggies noodles have clearly grown in popularity (likely due to the keto diet and their low-carb nature) because there are so many spiralizers available compared to when I purchased mine 4 years ago. The spiralizer I bought has stood the test of time so far and I recommend it because it is sturdy and comes with three blades.

The different blades allow you to have different styles of pasta so you may enjoy ribbon, fettucine or spaghetti noodles. This gives you more variety and helps your recreations closer resemble their original wheat-filled versions. However because they are grain-free you can eat so much more!

A spiralizer infuses a ton of fun and creativity into your healing journey without a ton of added effort. Because the “pasta” can be eaten raw or cooked, the spiralizer can be used year-round with endless possibilities. This recipe I created for my Instagram can be made as is for winter or eaten raw for the summer months.

Do you have to buy all of these tools to be healthy? Of course not. But the options that open up simply from 3 tools are endless. I’m not here to ever push any product on you – period. But when I have found products (such as these kitchen tools) that have truly improved my experience during my healing journey, you bet your cute little butt I am going to share them with you!


Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I share these links because I want to save you time on researching which brands or products to use and because I genuinely use or approve of them myself, not because of the small commissions I make should you choose to purchase these products.