smoothie mistake

Has anyone started making more smoothies since hearing so much about them? Maybe you started blending because of this blog. If you have, that is so great. Smoothies can really be one of the top ways to increase your energy, if you make them right.

I get so excited when people start drinking and loving smoothies and even more excited when they feel better and less BLAH.

But there is one big mistake that a lot of people make when getting into smoothies: making a glorified milkshake.

I want to nip this mistake in the bud!

The worst part about this mistake is its deception. You think you are doing something so healthy for yourself by adding smoothies into your life. (And don’t get me wrong, building this important habit into your life IS healthy.) However, what you are really doing is drinking a glorified milkshake disguised in your mind as a healthy smoothie.

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This is not your fault. There are smoothie recipes everywhere and a lot of them happen to be these glorified milkshakes.

Let me share the two main components of a glorified milkshake so that you never make one again.

No. Scratch that. It’s not that you can’t make this again. It is by no means the worst thing in the world to drink. I just want you to gain an awareness for when you are blending a glorified milkshake versus a smoothie.

A glorified milkshake can be defined as:

  • Not adding greens
  • Consists mainly of yogurt, milk and fruit 

Not only is this a mistake, it is a missed opportunity because drinking your greens is so much easier than chewing them. And while fruit contains natural sugar, a large amount of fruit does increase your daily sugar intake. 

Yogurt and milk are highly inflammatory and mucous forming to the gut. This translates to you as low energy, irritability and potential skin problems. Try dairy-free yogurts and milks. My favourite are the coconut varieties as they are so creamy.

Try adding 1 cup of spinach as a “starter green” because spinach is so mild you won’t really notice it in your smoothie. Well, other than the colour change. 

Make it your first goal to add fruit and vegetables to your smoothie at a 1:1 ratio. Aim for a 2:1 ratio where you add twice as many vegetables as fruit. 

Explore other sweet vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, beets or mild vegetables like celery and cucumber. Try using last night’s leftover sweet potato or butternut squash like I do in my Winter Detox Program to lend a nice sweetness. 

Start small and work your way up to let your tastebuds evolve. 

This is coming from a picky eater who used to gag on a chocolate smoothie and can now drink just about anything. You’ll get there!