Is there anything that sums up summer’s carefree vibes better than a roadtrip?

That’s what I’m assuming from the endless social media posts on summer roadtrips anyways. I’ve never been on one as an adult – I went on a few family roadtrips as a child but most childhood memories are carefree so I’m excited to take the wheel myself and see if it lives up to its romanticized and filtered nature. (I’ll be sure to include #reallife moments on my Insta stories because we all know life is anything but perfect.)

Like any trip, I’m most excited about the food I will eat on the road. I have 18 hours ahead of me so there’s plenty of time for snacking! Because I’ll be doing most of the driving, it’s important that my snacks are free from food sensitivities that trigger my headaches as well as easy to digest so they don’t make me sleepy.

On top of that, we all know I’m lazy so I want my roadtrip snacks to be super simple. FYI lazy does not mean your only options have to be fast food. Here are my favourite snacks for the road:


Ok, this “snack” is more of a meal (if you make them the way I suggest) but sometimes there is nowhere to stop to eat so it’s important to be prepared for anything! Whenever I hit the road, even if it is simply a day trip, I bring my smoothie with me. This way I get a ton of nutrients that are easy to digest so that I have both physical and mental energy for the drive and the day.

I used to drink them ahead of time, thinking I had to eat breakfast before I left, but all that would do was force me to stop for the washroom 20 minutes into my drive. Now instead, I bring it with me (in a mason jar with a glass straw to avoid plastic and spills) and sip on it as I need to keep me feeling full and clear-headed.

If you do eat breakfast before you leave or you want a second smoothie later, freeze your smoothie the night before leaving an inch for expansion, bring it with you and drink it once it has thawed.


Fruit is super portable and great either fresh or dried. Some fresh fruits don’t need any special packing (apples, oranges, pears, bananas, peaches), some require containers (berries, grapes) and some of those require being packed in a cooler bag.

Ensure any dried fruit that you purchase is free from added cane or refined sugars – Made In Nature has some great options. Keep in mind that dried fruit is less hydrating, which can be both good (fewer bathroom trips) and bad (less energy) as well as more concentrated in natural sugars. Regardless, fruit is always a more nutritious option than candy.

Nuts & Seeds

Fat and protein are crucial for feeling full and energized during a roadtrip, which make nuts and seeds a perfect snack option. If following an elimination diet, you won’t be able to eat nuts but don’t worry – seeds have some stellar nutritional properties (frequently better than nuts) and are just as satisfying.

Buy raw nuts and either eat them raw or roast them yourself. Roasted nuts from the store are often rancid and use poor quality oils. Try making your own blends like my salt & vinegar seeds.


While I absolutely have a sweet tooth, I know some of you prefer savoury snacks, making jerky or other meat snacks and perfect, protein-packed roadtrip snack. Here, it is important to choose grass-fed meat or wild-caught fish to avoid antibiotics, hormones and other toxins. This also makes the animal protein more nutrient dense.

Some quality brands to choose from that fit the bill and also avoid nitrates are Lorissa’s Kitchen, Epic Bar, Evolved Snack Sticks and Meatbar. Make sure to read the ingredient lists to avoid common food sensitivities such as cane sugar, soy, corn and nightshades.

Prepared Snacks

If you’ve already started eliminating food allergens then you know that preparation is the key to consistently sticking to eliminations – and consistency is key to figuring out why you are in pain. But depending on where you are on your health journey, you may simply want some store-bought snacks that are better options than chips or fast food.

These are some of my favourite options that use real ingredients and avoid gluten, dairy and soy:





Made In Nature snack blends

Pressed by Kind

Got questions about road trip snacks with your particular food sensitivities? Ask them in the comments below. I would love to help you out based on my experience and I would also love to hear any recommendations you have for me!