bloat belly pain

Are you ever worried someone will ask you if you’re expecting a boy or a girl when all you’re carrying is a hamburger and fries?

Do you wake up each morning with the excitement of Christmas because that is the only time your stomach is flat?

Does the expanding pressure in your stomach prevent you from wearing jeans, fully converting you to leggings and yoga pants?

Is your body image dwindling each day because of you protruding stomach?

Bloating is the WORST.

Waistbands digging into the pressurized cooker, you call your stomach is so uncomfortable and triggers negative thoughts about your body.

Flowy tops are your jam because they hide your food baby. Ugh why do crop tops have to be in style right now?

Trying to figure out the cause of your bloating feels like a never-ending battle.

Here’s the thing: I know all this because I’ve been there. Some days I’m still there.

If you are bloated all the time too, it means you have a weak digestive system and lots of intestinal gas. You are likely fermenting your food rather than digesting it.

Bloating is painful, uncomfortable, frustrating and embarrassing. All those online posts on bloating with a picture of a balloon aren’t lying. I really felt like a balloon was slowly being blown up inside of me, expanding with each bite. The urge to pop the “balloon” became so overpowering I felt desperate to figure out how to pop it.

Some quick fix tricks may be enough to turn your bloating around so I wanted to make sure and share them here:

  1. Chew your food

We are really bad chewers, I even need to constantly remind myself. Chewing your food adequately is one of the most overlooked things you can do to prevent gas and bloating. Instead of getting caught up in counting your chews, chew your food into a smooth paste.

  1. Stop drinking with your meals

Drinking water and staying hydrated is uber important but it’s best avoided at meal times. Instead drink water or other fluids 30-60 minutes before and/or 60 minutes after your meals. As a bonus, aim to drink half of your daily required intake upon waking or at least 1 full glass.

  1. Sayonara sugar

We eat too much sugar and it is often not absorbed well, especially the refined kind. Sugar leads to fermentation and therefore gas and bloating. Keep sugar to the natural varieties such as pure maple syrup, raw honey or medjool dates and keep these to a minimum. Try eating your fruit away from other foods as it breaks down quickly in the digestive system and will ferment if eaten with slower digesting foods.

If you have already tried these 3 tricks and they only temporarily relieved your bloating (or did nothing at all), you’ve probably experienced that overwhelming urge to pop the “balloon” once and for all.

That urge is one of the reasons I found and followed the elimination diet.

The answer to banishing your bloat for good lies in uncovering your food sensitivities using the elimination diet. Through this process you restore your digestive health and build a diet specifically for you.

Most food sensitivities are hidden, meaning you don’t even realize you have them. When you eat these foods, they trigger an inflammatory response in your digestive system that can translate to bloating.


You already know that junk and processed food is not helping your situation.

The tricky part is when you are doing all the RIGHT things, eating the HEALTHY foods and you STILL feel bloated.

What the heck?!

On top of uncovering food sensitivities, there are foods at your grocery store that are deceptively “healthy” and they don’t do your bloated belly any favours. In fact, they could be causing your bloating.

I’m sharing 5 of these foods with you here so you can get started on truly banishing that frustrating and uncomfortable bloating right away and feel better fast.

I don’t want you to waste another minute of your time feeling stressed and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to get rid of your bloating before you remove these foods from your kitchen.

The secret to finally getting rid of your bloat is uncovering which foods trigger it and it starts with ditching these 5 foods.