Working in retail you have to be on. If you are introverted, like me, then you know this means you must play an extrovert at work. While this doesn’t imply I fake my upbeat and positive personality, it does drain my energy. I am always learning how to live in an extroverted world, however it was my chronic headaches that used to constantly push me over the edge.

I can remember, time after time, hiding my headache pain under a big smile for 8 hours. Nothing makes a shift stretch on excruciatingly long quite like pain. With each hour, my on-ness began to fade as it became more and more difficult to stifle the pain. Even though I’m naturally inclined to smile, it does require energy to do so. Speaking with feeling demands effort. Heck, walking, standing tall and keeping your eyelids open calls for every ounce of strength you’ve got!

Because headache pain is invisible, I spent a lot of time beating myself up. Come on, you’re only in your twenties, can’t you power through? People have much more stressful jobs than you and you are letting a little headache wear you down? What’s wrong with you that you can’t even do this simple task. You gave this headache to yourself by eating that chocolate bar, you deserve the pain! This is not good for anyone’s self-worth.

At the end of those long shifts I would turn myself off and the pain, no longer stifled, would hit me like a brick wall. Each painful night was the same – crawling into the house turning off all the lights living in darkness because even the power lights on electronic devices were piercing. I would end up eating the exact foods that likely triggered my headaches because the pain made me apathetic and irritable.

Laying down on perfectly propped up, firm pillows with an ice pack on my head, I would beg for relief or sleep. If I was lucky I would be able to watch some Netflix on super low volume but often the pain even prevented that small pleasure. Socializing, talking and fun were out of the question. Pain is isolating like that.

Living with chronic pain such as headaches means your energy or abilities are completely limited. But my desire to be out of pain was so great, I continued to search for ways to find relief. I knew successful quick fixes were as likely as seeing a unicorn dance on a rainbow so I sought out habits that could baby step my way to relief. Ultimately I wanted maximum nutrition with the least amount of effort.

Drinking green smoothies was THE habit that saved me and continues to be the habit that saves me from pain. Making them requires very little effort – they are quick to blend, quick to drink and quick to clean up – or culinary skills so you don’t have to be a master chef to get started. This helped me drink them consistently so that relief became possible.

If, like me, you want relief but without copious changes or spending hours in the kitchen then adding green smoothies to your day will change your life. And here’s why – they are incredibly detoxifying.

Detoxification is the foundational step to repairing your digestive system. I know, I know, you don’t have digestive issues, you have headaches. Your digestive system has nothing to do with your headaches… right? Wrong.

It is imperative to make the connection that all of your pain (every single physical and mental symptom) stems from an inflamed digestive system and this inflammation is triggering your headaches. The only way to calm this inflammation is by detoxifying. Green smoothies, when made properly, prove to be both anti-inflammatory and excellent detoxifiers.

Green smoothies provide outstanding digestive support due first and foremost to their nutrient-dense, liquid nature. This awards your hardworking digestive system a much-needed break and a chance to work more efficiently, which translates to you as more energy and fewer headaches.

They also support digestion and produce a detoxifying effect because they are hydrating (a number one cause of headaches), abundant in fiber (to prevent constipation and toxin reabsorption) and rich in minerals thanks to the addition of a food rarely eaten anymore – dark, leafy greens.

Drinking green smoothies promotes alkalinity in the body – a pillar of detoxification. Our current food choices combined with the high level of chronic stress generate acidity in the body. An alkaline state is preferred as it helps to ward off the development of chronic diseases down the road and is ideal for preventing headaches.

Green smoothies make for a perfect vehicle to get the nutrients you need to live a life without headaches. Quality fats and protein are vital for a pain-free life. Micronutrient or trace mineral deficiencies run rampant in our current society and these can be replenished with key foods, like the aforementioned dark, leafy greens, in your smoothies.

Finally, it’s important to note that the main cause of chronic headaches and/or migraines derives from food sensitivities. Unfortunately, you unknowingly eat these foods since you are unaware they are the culprits of your pain. When you eat your unknown food sensitivities they create inflammation in your body. Detoxification is required before you may clearly uncover these sensitivities but many of these foods are avoided during detoxification to repair the digestive system.

Detoxification can be challenging for some due to the food restrictions. These restrictions may be quite a leap from how you currently eat, making a detox seem impossible. But smoothies make it possible. With smoothies, you can easily create a nutritionally balanced meal from the (seemingly) restricted food list so that you receive the benefits of detoxification without all the effort.