digestion poop


There is a misconception where people think that frequency (the amount of times that you go or poop or eliminate) is the only thing that defines constipation. The number one takeaway for number two that I hope you get out of watching the video below is to look in your toilet. Every time.

It’s such a good indicator of your health that otherwise you would be missing out on key information that’s too accessible to pass up.

So, let’s find out if you are really constipated or not.

You are NOT constipated if you can answer yes to all four of the following statements:

  1. Go poo 1-3 times per day
  2. Exert minimal strain or effort and gravity does most of the work
  3. You have the feeling of full elimination (nothing sitting in lower abdomen)
  4. Have a poop that looks like a well formed (sausage like) and ideally the length of your forearm