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9 Reasons You Feel Like Crap & Can’t Figure Out Why

For years I suffered from the BLAHs - I was bloated, had low energy, embarrassing acne and horrid daily headaches. Once I figured out which foods were the cause and eliminated them using an Elimination Diet and smoothies I knew I had to share my system with [...]

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What Is the Elimination Diet and Is It Right For You?

Have you been experiencing more than your fair share of headaches or bloating? Maybe you’ve been struggling to get through your day because your energy is so low. If you’ve had these symptoms, or others like skin conditions, joint problems or anxiety, you most likely have also tried cleansing or [...]

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Is Your Smoothie A Glorified Milk Shake? Then You’re Doing It Wrong

Has anyone started making more smoothies since hearing so much about them? Maybe you started blending because of this blog. If you have, that is so great. I get so excited when people start drinking and loving smoothies and even more excited when they feel [...]

Birthday Celebration and Reflection (Birthday Cake Smoothie)

I love birthdays and I love summer so thank goodness my birthday is in summer! Maybe that’s why I love summer so much? Or maybe it’s why I love birthdays? As [...]

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How To Detox In The Summer & Still Enjoy Yourself

I find many women view summer as the hardest time to detox or dive deeper with their healthy eating journey. I don’t know if this is because summer is associated with fun and eating healthy is not. Or if it is because it feels too late to get that “bikini bod.” Or if it is because winter in North America is tied to New Year’s resolutions [...]

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Salt and Vinegar Roasted Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds

Tune into your cravings. And then outsmart them. Instead of seeing your food restrictions as a burden, see them as an opportunity to get creative with the parameters you have been given. I have had a serious craving for potato chips these past few weeks [...]

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What I Learned After 338 Days On the Elimination Diet (Part 3)

I hope you have been reading these lessons with intention and soaking them up like a sponge. They are incredibly helpful because no matter what approach you take to eating better and improving your health, change is required and change is hard [...]