Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I am so happy that we found each other.

If you are wondering whether you are in the right place or not, read over these annoying and uncomfortable symptoms to see which ones relate to you:

  • I am bloated. Alls the time. (Seriously, I’m not pregnant.)
  • I want to eat healthy but I don’t know what that means or where the eff to begin. Plus, I have no time. I’m super busy.
  • I am really embarrassed by my acne. I mean, I’m a grown woman with a face full of acne.
  • I am not happy with how tired I feel. I wake up still feeling tired and slug through the afternoon. I’m only 30, isn’t this when I should feel awake and amazing? It’s so frustrating how often I relate to my 50 year old co-workers.
  • I would love to go a week without a headache.
  • I feel overwhelmed about making fancy, home cooked meals so that I can be healthy.
  • I need a plan so that I can get back on track and finally feel better.
  • I crave sugar like it’s my job.


GOOD NEWS. There is no wrong answer. If you found yourself nodding your head yes to the symptoms above then girl, you’re in the right place.

Hi! I’m Jessica Stopard, known as Jess to my friends and family, so feel free to call me Jess too. I’m a registered holistic nutritionist but don’t let that intimidate you…

My job and mission in life is to break down confusing and overwhelming information about food, nutrition and digestion and make it simple to understand and MORE IMPORTANTLY easy to actually do.

I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade. I was lucky enough to begin working in a local health food store while I was only in high school. This was the first time I truly thought about the quality of my food and how it affected my life.

I wish I could say that my highschool experience at the health food store was enough for me to never pick up processed foods again, but I was not ready for that yet. (Let me guess, you’re familiar with this “not ready for healthy food yet” feeling too?) Once at university, I ate crap way too often and developed a mean sweet tooth. There was no time to prepare meals because I had hours and hours of challenging studying to complete. I was in denial about my level of stress and I developed debilitating migraines that begged to differ. Because of the pain, I missed nights out with friends and could barely function with my work and life in general. After four years of processed food living, headaches and bloating ruled my life and embarrassing acne struck me as an adult for the first time. This crappy food, while seemingly delicious, was proving to be incredibly not worth the health consequences.

While my eating habits changed, my symptoms stayed with me until I focused solely on restoring the health of my digestive system. And this is when the magic happened.

I teach women how easy real food living can be through simple recipes with healthy swaps, proven ways to restore digestive health and how to pick foods at the grocery store. When they put these into action, they end up symptom-free, confident in their own healthy lifestyle and amazing in their bodies.

If you are thinking, “yea, yea that all sounds amazing but what if I always get stuck with the putting-it-into-action part?” I get you because I was you. I would learn about healthier changes to make for my body and be so excited to try them out, yet struggle with actually putting them into place.

Either quitting when things got too tough or never finding the “right time” to begin in the first place. This was especially true when sugar was involved. And sometimes it still trips me up. (Pssst, I’m human.)

This CAN be the hardest part IF you don’t have someone guiding and cheering you on. That’s where I come in. I celebrate your wins, encourage you and even give you a loving kick in the butt when needed.

Click here to get started with 5 healthier changes you can make today by downloading my free guide.

Nearly 60% of Canadians suffer from digestive disorders. This is staggering. More importantly, they don’t need to be suffering. Real food is the solution and I can help you get there.

My experiences in the health food store and in my own health continue to be a journey and I am always learning. Although working at a health food store has been an education in itself, I decided to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition so that I could share what I was learning on my journey with others. I’ve learned how to really tune into my body and restore my digestive health. The migraines have vanished. The headaches and bloating may pop in to say hello but this is nothing compared to an every day visit. And my skin is looking pretty clear today.

Now my journey can support your journey. I’ve figured out how to get rid of these symptoms so that you don’t have to. I’m with you to the end. Whatever your end may be.

For me, knowledge plus baby steps are the answer because they help you implement one change at a time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and give up. I dish out these baby steps like it’s my job. Oh wait, it is! I’m so grateful to be doing what I love. I’m passionate about nutrition AND I care about you. I really do. I got your back through the good, the bad and the ugly.

So while I am a fan of jamming my smoothies with dark, leafy greens and reading every ingredient list that crosses my path, my approach is all about YOU.

This sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship, doesn’t it?

You have to start somewhere. There’s never going to be that perfect Monday waiting for you to begin. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. Click here to download my free guide with 5 baby steps that are going to reduced your BLAHs and let’s make NOW your perfect Monday.

Lots of love,


Fancy-pants credentials:

  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • Advanced Diploma in Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering Option